17 thoughts on “Video Blog: Internet TV Show?”

  1. The reason the presenter is on the right is probably because thats how it was when the tonight show started in the ’50s. I couldn’t find any video footage or pics of Steve Allen interviewing anyone, but I would assume that’s when it started. And i doubt anyone would change it.

  2. I thought the same thing as the youtube commenter at first when you saw the fox.

    With most of the serial videos I’ve seen online, the biggest thing seems to be a quality issue. If it just looks like something slapped together, then I’m less inclined to watch. You obviously are comfortable in front of the camera. The other thing that usually gets me with serials is that I’ll start watching one, and see all the episodes that are available, and then who knows when the next update might be, so a definate schedule is good.

    You could possibly do more videos like this one, in the dark of morning, so people can’t see your face too well. Then you could disguise your voice and become the mystery video guy.

    As far as the host being on the right, aside from what’s already been said, perhaps part of it is also that more people are right handed and would be more comfortable/accustomed to turning or leaning to their right.

  3. For the host thing: No idea!

    For the show:
    That would be nice. I’v seen lots of videos on LJ regarding things i really don’t care about (the small texting thing?), but you have a way of getting peoples attention. I’d love more tech news about geeky stuff, made so relaxing. It makes me feel a little less geeky and instead a little more sensible to be part of the open source community.

    Hope that made sense 😛
    Claus 🙂

  4. In media studies, we were taught that the interview is on the right-hand side of the screen for psychological reasons in the Western world. We read left-to-write, so we automatically adjust our “interest point” to be the left side. In movies and on stage, a person moving from left-to-write means they’re progressing through time/space/concepts. This also falls in line to some extent with neurobiological programming. Our “past” is cached in such a way that our eyes will dart to the left when we try to recall particular things.

    OH, just DON’T get me STARTED.

    Do the show, hopefully at a regular interval so followers know when to expect it. I’d love a “Daily Show” sort of take on tech news. You’d be too good at it. Also! chicks dig Jon Stewart.

  5. Crystal — that is an amazingly intuitive comment. Seriously. 🙂

    I was thinking something like The Daily Show, but for techie stuff. “Daily” might be a stretch, but regular is definitely the way to go. I considered pitching the idea to Linux Journal, but I sorta don’t want to limit it to Linux stuff. (Might get thin on material, and I don’t wanna make fun of my favorite OS…)

    Thanks for the info though, that’s awesome.

  6. Are you a cyborg Shawn? You already have a full time job a second job with Linux Journal, a fairly popular blog and a family.

    Do you just not sleep or is there some crazy deal where you power nap while twittering from a cell phone?


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