7 thoughts on “Truck Cam: Red Light Rant?”

  1. Shawn, seriously, what’s the deal with the rain in Michigan? It rained last week during our camping trip (admittedly that was only at night from 11 to 3 or 4) and it’s going to be rainy again when we’re in Holland on Sunday/Monday. I understand weather patterns are messed up from the hurricanes and storms to the south, but can you Michiganians do something about that for us flatlanders from IL?

  2. Busy weekend for me, but I prefer it to camping in the rain. I’m like you, my idea of camping is a hotel with a comfortable bed, a good restaurant nearby, and some places nearby to do fun things.

    I like the idea of red light rants, but can you do them in the length of time the light stays red?

  3. There are worse things than camping in the rain. August for instance! The worse camping in the rain story I can remember is when the new tent leaked, Really Bad, not the leaks where you touch it bad, the it leaks at all the seams bad cause who knew you were suposed to waterproof the seams before you use the thing. And I had my youngest child, a step granddaughter and step grandson, and two of their friends one of each sex, I got to be the adult. The boys slept in the cab of the truck and the girls slept in the back of the truck, we were wet but not getting wetter.

    I like truck cam cause I see you and hear you, It’s almost like being there, but I’m here. And if I have something to say, I can just say it.
    Love MOM

  4. I must be the group freak. I like camping, and I like camping in the rain.

    Shawn, I must ask: if I buy a Flip Ultra, will I have to stick my tongue out to turn it off? Because you do that a lot. I wondered if it was in the manual or something.

  5. I like the red light rant idea. Once in a while it would be nice if you did a rant about Linux. I hate feeling like I’m the only person who has constant problems with Linux.

    I’m off to start my weekend quest of beating Mario Galaxy! It’s going to be the first time I played a game all the way through since I was a kid.

  6. I like camping in the rain too, Crystal, but it’s because of two reasons:
    a) I have a great tent that does not leak (plus I always put down a tarp).
    b) I camp with friends who love to figure out ways to tarp out spaces for cooking/food prep and for hanging out. That way, we can sit in our camping chairs and chat and drink beers and enjoy the view (which, if you only have a tent, would not be the case).
    Preparation is the key to fun camping in the rain.

    By the way, Shawn, I only just now got caught up on your video blogs (your info dump last month freaked out my Google reader and, I admit, I got intimidated by the number of unread posts. Now it’s back to normal and I’m caught up! Anyway, loving the Truck Cam posts. 🙂

  7. Roughing it, for me, is a hotel without room service. I do NOT do camping. Ever. Hope you had fun anyway. 😉

    Looking (oddly) forward to ranting red light days. I’ve stopped hemming and hawwing and just going to buy myself a flip already. LOL


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