I Hate The New Sitemeter

I used to love the simple, useful, real-time information SiteMeter offered for web traffic. This weekend, they changed over to their new system, which resembles a much less friendly, and much less useful version of Google Analytics.

I’m really bummed about this, because it was their simplicity that made Sitemeter awesome. Now? Just another complicated, obfuscated, hard to use system. Anyone have any web traffic monitoring software they like? Something *exactly* like the old Sitemeter would be best.


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  1. Yeah I don’t like it much at all. It’s bloated and takes forever to load. The only thing It’s good at now is telling me about all the features I’m missing for using the free version.

    Oh well it’s free so I can’t complain about it. It does still give me hit statistics which is all I need.

  2. God knows how much crack the Sitemeter people were smoking when they designed their new system. It is a joke. I am trying out StatCounter at the moment. Hopefully, it will work out, and then I will be able to drop Sitemeter like a bad habit. They obviously don’t like being in business. This is the end for them.

  3. I ditched Sitemeter a while ago, after they did a previous “upgrade”. I wasn’t happy with the changes, and now I am even more glad that I did.
    Still haven’t found a new one that I liked though.

  4. I’m actually a paying customer of sitemeter.
    What the hell did they do?

    Never, in the over 10 years that I have been working in web content design and implementation, have I seen an overhaul of software so ridiculously cumbersome, slow, incomprehensible and bug-infested as what was unveiled to me this morning when I migrated to the new platform.

    How the hell is your new web tracking features better?
    I can’t for the life of me figure out what I am looking at when I am on the reports page. How do I find who is connected to my site? How do I determine search words? Last 50 visits or outclicks?

    I like to think I am very web savvy but I am so lost and frustrated right now that I am looking into other tracking software.

    The new sitemeter is not what I expected. The new sitemeter sucks ass (this is the name of my Facebook group about new sitemeter, actually).

  5. I’m just starting to mess about with FeedBurner, and for my modest needs it’s good. I’ve never used SiteMeter, so don’t know how it would compare, but it may be worth taking a look at. Good luck!

  6. Our Apologies –
    September 14, 2008 · Comments Off

    Dear Valued SiteMeter Customers,

    As you’re no doubt aware by now, we’ve chosen to roll back our website to the previous “classic” version.

    Based on some performance issues we were experiencing along with feedback from the community it appears we have pushed our new site live prematurely.

    Our intention is and has always been to offer you, our customer’s better tools and more accurate data. Obviously we fell short of this. The first thing we need to do, moving forward, is to roll out new product releases in parallel to our current platform. This will give everyone a chance to try out, evaluate, and comment on our new concepts.

    We would also like to take this opportunity to ask those of you who had issues or concerns with the new site to participate in future beta testing. We had originally asked for Beta Tester in two of our newsletters sent earlier this year so we’re eager to build our beta group even larger. If you’re interested in participating please send us an email using our support ticketing system with BETA TESTER in the subject line of your email.

    In the near term we’ll be evaluating the performance issues and feedback from our community. If you have additional input that would help us build you a better product we’d like to hear from you.

    We apologize for the botched rollout and will do our best to make sure the next time we do this it has your full support and blessing.


    The SiteMeter Team

  7. Never used SiteMeter but I do use a variety of stat packages for my site: Google Analytics (of course) but it tends to be a bit too in-depth for what I care about, WordPress.com Stats plugin easy & simple but a little too much so and StatPress plugin which I’ve only started using recently but am liking so far. Or you could install PiWik and track your stats yourself (similar to Google Analytics but slightly less complex to read). Good luck with that whole SiteMeter thing,

  8. WOW Shawn, you reach out to a lot of people. As you can imagine I didn’t understand a lot of what I read but a lot of people agree with you and it looks like someone else wants to fix it real bad, and their also real sorry.


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