19 thoughts on “Truck Cam: Blogger Rant, Lipstick Question”

  1. The “plumping” lipstick that I have tried…only made my lips burn and tingle…and NOT in a good way. I am thinking that anything that make your lips tingle and burn CANNOT be a good thing.

  2. Cheap Zolpidem Plumping lipstick will, ta-da!, plump your lips. It tingles, yes, and they swell a bit. The ones I use contain clove oil, and I end up craving a holiday ham half the time when I am wearing them.

    Ambien 10Mg Buy Online If you want bigger-looking lips and don’t want to mess with plumping stuff, do a web search on lipstick techniques using lip-liner. You can reshape your lips with liner, then use regular lipstick for a fill color, and get much the same look for on-camera purposes.

    I can’t believe I know all this AND am publicly advising you on your makeup, Shawn.

  3. What brand of hardware are you going with? Are you going to keep doing truck cam once it’s dark on the way to work? How would you deal with lighting without having to drive blind?

  4. Hi!, congratulations on the six-month anniversary! :).

    Which camera do you use to record these videos?

    How do you stand the camera in your truck?


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