5 thoughts on “Truck Cam: Server Down, Out of Gas”

  1. “Shooting in the dark? Truck running out of gas? When’s Jason Vorhees going to pop out of the woods?”

    All it needed is for Shawn to cry in terror while wearing a knit cap.

    Feelin’ ya with the “out of gas” deal, Shawn. CuteFIlmNerd and I went through that Monday night on our way to a movie. The roadside assistance he called came two hours later – he could have walked a gas station and back in that time, with time to spare, though the nearest station was probably about 1 1/2 miles away.

    No movie was watched that night.

  2. Heheh — yeah, I have a full gas can in the back of the truck at all times. And my truck runs out of gas gracefully. It chugs for a LOOOOONG time. When I told her I ran out of gas, Donna said, “oh yeah, I forgot to tell you it was chugging on the way home yesterday…”



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