Manic Monday: Oh Crap, I Died

If you’re not doing the Manic Monday challenges over at Aff The Fang, you really should. This week’s mission was to write our own obituary. Being still alive, I had to guess as to what mine will read like, but I think I estimated fairly close. You’ll have to go there to read the rest. It’s worth the click. 🙂

Biological Portion of “The Powers” Dies…

July 21, 3115

It is with great regret the Global Powers Collective announces the passing of the biologic remnant of 21st century historical figure “Shawn Powers”. While his all encompassing consciousness continues to rule over known space, the death of his meat bits will be mourned by all. Forcefully if necessary. Aforementioned mourning will begin at noon, Earth Central time, and continue for 12 Martian sols.

Mr. Powers is survived by 627 trillion cybernetic implants spanning 12 galaxies, and 3 dimensionally phased universes. While the preservation of biologics has largely been a nostalgic choice for The Powers, there is some concern that along with the body will die the compassion. Any citizens concerned of such things will be detected and terminated immediately.

At the closing of the 12 Martian sol mourning, The Powers has decided to extinguish the sun (Sol) as a memorial to the death of Mr. Powers. This will of course mean the slow painful demise of billions in the Solar system, but the Global Powers Collective thinks it will be a fitting memorial. Any residents of the Solar system will be considered heros, and honored as such.

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