6 thoughts on “Linux Journal at Wahoo”

  1. Apropos of nothing (and maybe late if I haven’t dropped by recently enough, as opposed to keeping track of your brain via RSS)–I really, really love the new look. This is awesome. Nice.

  2. Brad: Well, it was interesting. The volcano was on fire for a bit, and I accidentally slurped up a paint chip. Very odd.

    Eric: Thanks! I am going to get rid of the butterflies and such on the blocks, but I like the colors and the “neatness” of the theme. Also, it loads fast for me, which I really appreciate. 🙂

    Nathan: Thanks, and yes, I realize the only advantage I had was in the flaming volcano, and it was burned out during the video.. hehehehe

  3. I still think I should have re-lit the volcano for you. You have no sense of adventure, Shawn. I mean, except for that thing about drinking lead paint chips.

    That was pretty extreme, really.

    You need to apply for hazard pay.

  4. Yeah, I’d get rid of the butterflies too. But the color scheme is really awesome, and the clean look is really nice, too. I’m a big fan of earthtones. And Tux looks really at-home in the upper corner, too–he fits nicely and the colors suit him.


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