You Can Make My Wife Dress Funny

Well, to be completely honest, that part is already happening (no, I’m not being mean: bear with me). Many of you know Donna (my wife) works in the library at the school. One of the things she’s been doing is trying to get more books into the library. Many books, especially newer releases, are in very short supply. This is largely due to budgetary cuts.

Donna’s been very crafty in procuring the aforementioned books, using things like, emailing community members, and more recently using Amazon wish lists. She recently started a promotion in which if 20 books were donated, she’d dress up like Santa on the last day of school. She made a large display with stacks of books that get colored whenever a book is purchased, etc.

With only the promotion of her bulletin board, the 20 books came in before Thanksgiving. My wife is awesome, and our community really stepped up. Now, she’s extended the promotion, and if they get 50 books — the high school principal will dress like the Grinch. It’s important to know that the principal is a very well dressed, no nonsense guy — and him dressing up is really an amusing notion.

So if you just read John Scalzi’s post about buying books, or if you just think buying books for a school library in need is an awesome idea — I urge you to check out their website. The wishlist is linked on the site.

Yay for books!

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  1. I’m all about kids and books. My kids bring home sometimes books in the WORST condition. I always try to replace the book if I can find it because it’s just gross.

    Donna is 4 books closer to her goal. I cannot resist getting a kid a book 🙂

  2. PS — Buying 30.00 worth of books, qualifies you for free super saver shipping and it looks like is now running a special with books that if you buy four, you the lowest price book for free. It only shows up after you’ve entered method of payment… 4 for three its called.

    Just more of an incentive there, guys! 🙂

    Which is just made of awesome.

  3. I’m with Kate and Candy – go books for kids!

    You’re two more closer to the goal.

    Also, we will need pictures of the lovely Donna in her suit. Oh, yes. We will.

  4. I have to say that even though Shawn tells me how awesome all of you are on a regular basis, I am truly thankful for you all getting involved! Yes, I am sure that Shawn will be posting the dress up occasion and blogging about it, though I must admit that I am looking forward to it! I’ll do whatever it takes to get updated books in here. And a shout out to Crystal, to reassure her, we DID have a Wrinkle in Time, HOWEVER, the cover was from the 1950’s! A lot of our books are like that and we have been trying to reorder them because if it isn’t visually appealing the kids won’t touch them. In the past two weeks (since we have replace some of the old classics with a more vibrant copy) the kids have checked out “Around the World in 80 Days”, “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, “Wuthering Heights”, and “Pride and Predjudice”! How AWESOME is that! We are now up to 42 books! You guys ROCK!

  5. Hey Shawn and Donna – I’m finally getting around to this. Four more books are on the way – Bone 6, 7, 8 and Octavian Nothing Vol II.

    Happy Holidays from Tania, the one that lives down the road from Santa Claus.


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