I’m not usually a fan of New Year’s resolutions, but this year, I’m going to try a few. It’s not that the concept has grown on me, but rather the timing is fairly good. I need to concentrate on a few things, and it happens to be the end of the year. So: Resolution Time. Here are mine:

1. Blog-a-Day
I could say this was so that I entertained everyone at a more regular basis. I could say it was so I would get enough regular traffic to make money with ads. But, since I don’t have ads and I’m not terribly entertaining, that would be a lie. Basically, I need to write. For many reasons. Feel free to watch. πŸ™‚

2. Lose Weight
Yes yes, very common New Year’s resolution. It’s really starting to affect me though. I need to weigh about 35-40 pounds less than I currently do. If you know me, and think I’m being absurd — trust me, I carry my weight well. Too well.

3. Certain Health Issue
I’m really not up for talking about the specifics publicly, but suffice to say I’m having some pretty serious health issues that I’m forcing myself to take care of. I’m seeing a doctor tomorrow, which is so not like me. I suspect I’ll blog about it later, sorry to bring it up and not explain. Mentioning it here, even this vague, is forcing me to deal with it. Take THAT, me!

I think 3 is good for now. How about you? Do you do the whole “resolution” thing? What are some of yours?

11 thoughts on “Resolutions”

  1. Shawn,

    We’re here for you for support and harassment if that’s what you need.

    I can also tell you horror stories about people who don’t take care of their health, including my friend who was found dead in his apartment at the age of 29 with an undiagnosed enlarged heart, and my friend’s sister who died suddenly in her early 40s from undiagnosed blood clots in her legs.

    You’ve got beautiful daughters who you should see graduate and get married. Get your health taken care of.

    Or else I’ll be forced to come up there and kick your overweight butt.

    OK. You’re right. I’ll bribe Jim to do it.

  2. I was just thinking of the fact that I made non-resolutions last year and still managed not to keep any of them.


    But I’m with you in the need to be much, much healthier.

  3. Me too, me two
    I was starting a diet (rather a new way of life that includes healthier diet and more exercise) the day after Christmas 2buts 1) I didn’t have the right food:) and 2) I was telling Tia and she wants to too but wants me to wait till new years. I want to lose 50 pounds and the closer I get to it the happier I will be about it. Actually I haven’t weighed that little since I married your dad!! I may get a little nervious as I approach that goal but I’m sure I’ll be pleased about where I am when I’m nervious. Maybe carring weight well is genetic, I know losing 50 pounds is not obserd yet when I tell people I need to loose weight, ( not even I need to loose 50#) they look at me and shake their head in disbelief. Well good luck to us. I look forward to reading your blog every day. Love MOM

  4. I think many of us fight weight problems as we get older. As to resolutions specifically at New years, I’ve never found them easy to keep, but they can be useful reminders of what we should be doing.

    I not a fan of going to doctors, but a few years back failure to do so led to being hospitalized and lifestyle changes that I continue to today, so if you think/know you have problems, please do get them taken care of. Your family loves you, and your friends are kinda fond of you as well :-).

  5. I’ve never been one to keep resolutions very long, but I’d probably parrot your second and maybe the first. I think I really need to work on revising my NaNo novel.

    I hope the doctor has some kind of good news for you.

  6. Good luck with the getting healthy plan! I don’t have any specific resolutions, but I did decide a couple of weeks ago to cut out the excessive junk food I’ve been eating and try for a little more exercise.

    And, strangely, several years ago I lost 40 pounds. I just learned recently that even though I “only” lost 40 pounds, that loss moved me from being “obese” to being at a healthy weight!! Weird. I think our idea of what “healthy” looks like might be a little messed up these days?

  7. Well, healthy would be what your doctor says about your cholesterol levels, wouldn’t it? Public perception shouldn’t be the main factor under consideration.


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