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Do You Watch TV With a Laptop?

I tend to watch television (movies, shows, whatever) with a laptop in my lap. I often search for actors on IMDB, or during boring scenes I’ll browse the web a bit. Yes, I’m a multitasker. In fact I’m watching TV as I type this right now.

Am I alone?

9 thoughts on “Do You Watch TV With a Laptop?”

  1. I do but not often. Usually only when I’m working from home or checking on some work project. I might do it more if I owned my own laptop, instead of using the work machine.

  2. OK, I misunderstood the question. Yes, I watch TV with a laptop, but I’m watching ON the laptop using a Hauppauge USB ATSC tuner, or playing back shows recorded on the laptop via DVI to the LCD TV. (Sometimes even LJ videos!)

    But I do sometimes fire up my N800 to look up something while watching.

  3. I watch a lot of youtube stuff but not normal TV shows. On youtube I watch sxephil and his nearly a news show. I also watch a lot of classic game room HD. That guy has tons of content if you want to find classic games that are worth investing in. Sometimes I do watch Dr Who you Hulu but that’s rare.

  4. I do use a laptop quite frequently while watching the tube. I just read that something like 30% of people browse the web while watching TV.

    What bugs me though is that while I’m using my laptop I don’t have a way to wirelessly transmit my screen (and audio) to the TV screen. So when I find something that is just super awesome and cool I have to turn my computer a little so my wife sitting at the other end of the couch can see it. What am I a caveman?!

    Seems like I should be able to buy a device like many digital projectors now have that would allow me to transmit my screen to the TV.


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