Holodeck or Replicator?

https://arkipel.org/ambien-brand-name-online Yes, a Star Trek question. But really, which would you rather have? With a replicator, you could create anything the size of a bread basket or smaller, as long as it wasn’t terribly complicated. With the holodeck, you could live a virtual world as real as life and have it go any way you desire.

https://forumlenteng.org/buying-zolpidem I realize with the replicator you could replicate bars of gold or diamonds and *buy* pretty much anything… but which would you pick?

21 thoughts on “Holodeck or Replicator?”

  1. The holodeck HAD replicators in it. How do you think Picard made “bullets” when he shot the borg in First Contact, the movie? On top of that, Riker was able to rez up that jazz music fan Minuet… Geordi rezzed up an image of Leah Brahms. Holodeck, without question.

  2. Buy Ambien Online Reviews While a holodeck would be fun, its fun contained within a room. You can’t take anything out of it. Not to beat a dead horse here, but with a replicator you can make ANYTHING. I bet with a little work, you could make all the parts for a holodeck ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. I always thought the holodeck was a rather lame plot device. Can’t think up any interesting new worlds or weird alien cultures? No problem, just write another holodeck script.

    Replicator all the way. Just think: no need to download that big iso file, just replicate a copy of the latest Ubuntu live CD!

  4. Replicator for me please….couldn’t I replicate a Holodeck?
    A replicator would mean that i wouldn’t be cooking supper at 6pm…
    No more doing laundry or ironing…
    Need a new car? A semester worth of textbooks? No problem.
    Yep, gotta get me one of those!

  5. I’m going to join the choice C vote for a transporter/teleporter. SOOO annoyed by the commute… and not a fan of long highway driving either.

  6. I’d use the replicator to replicate a holodeck assembly kit and one holodeck-assembling robot.

    Or is that like wishing for three more wishes?


    (It looks like Adrian kinda beat me to it, but I’ll post this reply anyway.)

  7. I’m in for a replicator that would just be tops. I would just replicate some 24th century computer processors and sell out to Intel.

    After that I might keep it around for potato soup. I would be rich though so the chef can make that unless he’s on vacation.

  8. I must admit, everyone has forced me to put more thought into this than I really ever intended to. I still think I’m in for the holodeck though. If memory serves, replicators can only create simple things. I think a “holodeck kit” would be right out. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Uh… replicator? I like to make things. THen those things could do things.

    OF course, I could make Data have sex with Worf on the holodeck. But then who hasn’t?

  10. Replicator. Much as I might enjoy a Sunday in the Holodeck with Data (sans Worf), a replicator is so much more useful. Also, I think the replicator could replicate more complicated things, provided the computer was given the proper patterns. It’s just not advanced enough to replicate living creatures. At least not the Starfleet replicators.

    A transporter would also be pretty nifty, but I’d probably get all McCoy about them. I saw what happened to poor Sonak in https://www.club-italia.com/2024/06/zolpidem-mastercard Star Trek: The Motion Picture. No thank you.

  11. Could you get a replicator to make kidneys and livers? Not that I know what the prices for black market organs are but I doubt you would go poor doing that.


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