The Economy is Fixed

See?  I have lots.  And I can copy and paste lots more.  Feel free to download as much cash as you like.No really, it’s finally fixed. CNN reports the stock market is headed upwards on a steady rise to its previous highs. The stimulus package has taken hold, and jobs are being created. The Midwest alone has seen a 4% decrease in unemployment, and more jobs are being created every day.

White House corespondent Julie Swarnok reports, “Now is the time to invest. Now is the time to spend. The economy is finally fixed, and while it will build slowly, it will build.”

What does this mean for the every day Joe (not Joe the Plumber, oy)? Well it means it’s time to either hire people, or to get a job yourself. Big business? It’s time to spend money. Big tech businesses? It’s time to sponsor bloggers and podcasters. Lucrative investments now will cement your brand in the hearts and minds of the very crowd that is beginning to spend again.

I happen to know a blogger/podcaster that would be interested. 🙂

So there you have it. The economy is fixed. Go tell it on the mountain. Go buy something. Go hire someone. And while you’re at it, make me a sandwich.

13 thoughts on “The Economy is Fixed”

  1. whats a tag? I thought everything was good now. I bough two kayaks, I had to try it out on the living room floor, gotta wait till the ice melts so I can get to the shoreline!! Did I help the economy? They were on sale, does that count?

  2. Um, guess CNN wasn’t paying attention to what’s going on in Georgia (their home state). Our unemployment is up statewide to 9.1%, Atlanta metro 9.3%, the northwest counties where the carpet market has crashed and whole companies have closed is at 12+ and rising.

    Then there is this one poor county near the coast at a whopping 21.3%. Population there is only about 8,000 and they’ve lost over 4,000 jobs since last fall because several manufacturing plants closed.

  3. WendyB_09:

    To clarify, that was completely tongue-in-cheek. CNN said no such thing, and I made the name “Julie Swarnok” up. 🙂

    Yeah, unemployment here in Michigan is over 11%. The economy is far from fixed.

  4. Hey, can I have you try this on my boss. You know, so he doesn’t lay off our butts in two weeks.

    Actually, some numbers I heard on Thursday gave me a little hope. Durable orders were up, and parts supply was down (it was at all time highs as of November, which means industry has worked it’s way through the excess production from last summer). And I think if we have another week like the past one that we’ve hit the bottom. Then it all depends on how quickly that translates to orders and how soon they figure they need to start rehiring.

  5. Shawn, CNN’s Atlanta HQ is around the corner from my office, but not having cable, unless I bump into them at the CNN Center food court Starbucks, I couldn’t tell you who the on-air personalities are!
    So – ya got me!! ;P

    And, as the Brother-unit and SiL are in Michigan, I keep tabs on their state’s rates as well and I’m grateful every day they both have steady jobs.


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