48 Seconds

That’s how long it took for my “add a new post” page to load. I have no idea why my wordpress install is so absurdly slow. Perhaps it’s GoDaddy. Perhaps it’s DNS. Perhaps it’s WordPress.

Perhaps it’s Mogwai that were fed after midnight.

The load time is so frustrating, I find myself using Twitter more often than blogging. Anyway, I’ll figure it out eventually. I’ll either switch platforms, switch providers, or maybe just switch themes.


6 thoughts on “48 Seconds”

  1. This post itself took 18 seconds to load, including xfer time obviously (but I’m on FiOS so that would be negligible). It seemed to take about 15 seconds to actually output anything.

  2. I have been thinking about switching over to twitter myself. I have a few family members that will grumble about signing up a new account, but I would be happier.

  3. I have three WP installations, and none of them gives me any discernible grief. I experience intermittent latency when everything else slows, but not anyhing that I cannot blame on the ISP…


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