Why Would A Person Go To Ohio On Purpose?

Maybe you like corn.

Or soy beans.

Or John Scalzi

Or Buckeyes.

Or humidity.

Or the occasional pig farm.

Or John Scalzi’s Cat

Or maybe it’s just on your way to somewhere.

Whatever your reason, I’ll tell you why I’M going to Ohio:

No, it's not like I'm normally silent at these things -- but this time, they're MAKING PEOPLE LISTEN.  MWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAA

And in the words of Levar Burton, don’t take my word for it — come see for yourself!!! It’s free, it’s nerdy, and it’s so cool even me being a keynote speaker can’t ruin it. See you there? 🙂

7 thoughts on “Why Would A Person Go To Ohio On Purpose?”

  1. I wish I could. It would be both a fun fest and a chance to meet you in person. Sadly, I have my hands full with work. (I’m not sad I’m busy – bills are being paid – but sad it prevents me from going.)

    Have fun. I’m sure you’re speech will be great.

  2. It would be great to meet you and all the other fine Linux folks, but it is a bit far for me right now. Besides, I am on call for jury duty at Federal District Court for the entire month, so guess I’d better stick close to home. If I WERE going to be there, I would stop in and visit the Thruber House in Columbus, that’s for sure!

    Have a good trip and post lots of pix.


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