Disconnecting My Inner B0rg

Sadly, one eye implant wouldn't be enough for me.  My right eye is almost blind too.  Perhaps I could be a Borg with a cool Transformeresque name, like "GoggleBot"...I have a deadline. Mind you, this isn’t just a regular deadline I’ve pushed off until the last minute (rest assured, I have one of those for Monday. Seriously.) This is a monumental project that has been delayed due to a myriad of reasons. Some reasons good ones, some reasons not.

But it’s a deadline. So I’ve decided this weekend is The Weekend Of Productivity, or TWOP. During TWOP, I will be disconnecting myself from the Internet hive mind. I will be putting my cellphones in the “off” mode. Actually, I’m not even sure they have an off mode, but I’ll at the very least put them in another room.

If you see me online any time after 4PM today — please scold the crap out of me. Without going into boring detail, my goal for this weekend is 15. I’m currently at 3. Unless I claim (in a believable way) that I’m done up to 15, please shun me.

If you need to get in touch with me, drop me an email. If it’s an emergency, well, chances are I’m not the person you should be calling anyway. I’m not exactly the type of person to rely on during emergencies. If the servers crash at work — it’s a school. They’ll wait. If my children catch on fire, my wife will handle it better than me anyway. And if the Internet runs low on snark, well, lets just say that’s unlikely.

Wish me the best, and if you want to contact me — you’ve only got a handful of hours to do so. That said, I hope your weekend is TWOP too! πŸ™‚

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  1. Believe me I understand. During my first two years here, I lived in our dungeon office, while I poured through database schema and 4GL source code, some of which was 18 years old; all was uncommented.


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