Fellow Geeks: What’s On Your Flashdrive?

These were actually all just sitting on my desk randomly.  And yes one of them is purple.  You know you're jealous.  :)We’ve all got flash drives. They’re awesome. They’re great. They are awesometastic with awesomesauce on top. But I’m curious, what do you keep on them?

I’m a big fan of bootable USB drives. In fact, although he hasn’t updated it in a while (hint hint), I think Bill Childers‘ Linux distribution “Billix” is handy to have in your pocket. But there must be other things that are perfect for a USB drive. What are some of your favorites? I’m really curious.

20 thoughts on “Fellow Geeks: What’s On Your Flashdrive?”

  1. Mostly I have pictures on my flash drive. It’s a USB key-chain, so it’s always with me. My Sony camera uses a memory card that only my Sony laptop can read, so pics first go there. Then they’re transferred to the USB drive so I can put them on any (or all) of the 3 computers at home, or take them to work. Sometimes I have time at work, and shrinking and croping gets done then. Plus, if I ever want to share them with someone else, if there’s a computer available, I can just copy them to their computer. I don’t have anything bootable, though.

  2. USB #1 – 16 GB empty to Bu clients files

    USB #2 – 16 GB common files (AV software, updates, etc…)

    USB #3 – 4 GB Linux Mint bootable

    USB #4 – 4 GB Ultimate Boot CD for Windows

    Yep i carry 4 everyday

  3. I’ve got a 1GB with a Unetbootin-installed Xubuntu on it, another 1GB with PING (Parted Is Not Ghost) on it for imaging & backups, and probably another one laying around with who-knows-what on it.

  4. First USB: my windows “tool kit” and Open Source *.exe’s I install frequently for others. Keepassx, text files, and other random files that change.

    Second USB: will be what ever live distro I am trying out at any given time.

  5. Tools I need for working on client computers that have problems, including CCleaner Portable, Malwarebytes Portable, Revo Uninstaller Portable, Windows Sysinternals, AVG Free, Spybot Search & Destroy, etc.

  6. Mine lives in my daily commuting bag and is a backup of my harddrive plus the files I need from work for the home projects. So mostly a bunch of legal research and reference materials. It will get cleaned out the first of the year.

  7. Mine’s pretty boring. I use it to transfer files between computers that won’t
    talk to each other any other way. At the moment it’s probably filled with personal files I ported from my work computer to home.

  8. I currently have the Ubuntu Netbook Remix image on my USB drive, but I’ve been meaning to set up GRUB2 with a variety of ISOs on it including Knoppix, BT3, etc.

  9. Writing backup, including current iterations of what I’m working. In case I have a few minutes waiting at work and can crank out a few lines. Also the sneakernet files (both local and to home).

  10. I have a copy of Ubuntu on my 1 gb drive. On my 4 gb, I have lots of portable apps to show people the virtues of free and open-source software.

    I have a smaller one (64 mb) that I use for quick file transfers. Mostly, I prefer dropbox for file sharing.


  11. #1 Backtrack 4 pre on a 2GB
    #2 Apps from portableapps.com on a 512MB
    #3 Multiple live Linux distros on a 16GB as described by hak5.org
    #4 SystemRescue CD on another 512MB



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