Send in the Zombies, I’m Done with this Brain

They say fear is the mind killer. I’d guess the one that wrote that never had migraine pain. Unless of course it’s the fear a migraine won’t go away. Because that might actually be true.

Don’t worry, I’m not getting suicidal or anything — I’m just swinging precariously at the end of my sanity rope. (Yes yes, there’s an argument to made as to whether I ever had that rope to begin with…) See the problem isn’t so much with the pain, it’s with the consequences. Spending 60 hours a week with a headache so bad you can’t function (or at least not well) takes its toll on other aspects of a person’s life.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I kept up with my early-adulthood trend of doing jobs that were manual labor type. But I went and started using my brain. So all those things I need to get done can’t be done by a temp. That sucks. I’m not brilliant or anything, but I have unique and specialized skills. Ah, notoriety, thou art a heartless wench.

Friggen migraine. Ok, I’m off to go take another prescription assault on my liver. If you know any zombies, send them my way. I think my brain might be a bitter, bitter snack, but I’m fed up with it myself.

9 thoughts on “Send in the Zombies, I’m Done with this Brain”

  1. move to the tropics for a few weeks vacation if you can afford it?
    sometimes a changed environment can do wonders. where? anywhere your budget allows for. medication will eat away your insides u need a break. (tho the economy isn’t helping) Drink more water, no sodas, refined sugars, etc even coffee can cause your migraines. (stimulants/poison) <
    Poison; a substance with an inherent property that tends to destroy life or IMPAIR HEALTH.
    all the best in your recovery.
    (seen the documentary Run From the Cure?)

  2. I know this will seem snarky and I don’t mean it to, but have you looked into whether it has anything to do with staring at computer screens all day?

  3. I’ve been on & off with a pollen-induced migraine for about 2 weeks now. Might have something to do with pollen counts ranging from 1297-5733 pollen particles per cubic meter of air over the last 10 days. Even my new boss noticed I wasn’t my normal self the last few days.

    Apparently the super cold winter down here screwed up the trees and the early pollenators are blooming with the late ones. And O JOY – we’re supposed to have another 3-4 weeks of this!

    Achoo! Hack! Snuffle! Cough!

  4. I have all sorts of suggestions, but you’d actually have to call me to get them. Seriously. Migraine patients are bread-and-butter for neurologists, and the huge majority of patients will get relief from something. One of the local headache gurus wrote a book that is actually kinda helpful. It is certainly a helluva lot cheaper than a consult with him is ( $300, doesn’t take insurance, have to wait 6 months). You might consider it. Especially as it won’t rot out your liver.

  5. Just for the record I do NOT want zombies anywhere near where we live!! Haven’t you ever seen Resident Evil!? Those things are definately in my top 3 most horrible dreams!


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