Do Something Silly Day 6 Today sorta snuck up on me, or rather snuck away from me. It’s almost tomorrow, and I’ve barely been silly at all! Well, nothing brings out creativity quite like desperation. So here we go!

So, it’s been almost a week. I think you should start posting some comments about the silly things you’re doing. Because really, misery silly loves company. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Do Something Silly Day 6”

  1. This has been Day 6 with Shawn Powers, on Do Something Spooky. (Really. The flashlight pointed up from below your face gives it — your face — some degree of creepiness.) Myself? I’ve been staying up late, this time until past midnight, trying to demystify obscure behaviors of HTML tables and being caught in the middle of tweetstorms over vi vs. emacs. So: I have been doing nothing truly silly. Sorry.

  2. Really, I’m not sure a day passes that I do NOT do something silly.

    Right now I am wearing flowered Doc Martens and pink and black flowered socks, as well as a shirt with Ada Lovelace on it.

    And it’s not even 10 AM!


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