Running: A Little Perspective (And Thank You @Oatmeal!)

I did this on purposeI got frustrated with myself tonight. I was planning on running a full 5K. I figured I’d already run 2 miles straight, and rather than move to 3, I’d just go to 3.1 and get an official 5K. But I failed, and didn’t run a full 5K.

Then I realized: I just ran 2.1 miles. Two days ago I ran 2 miles, and that was the farthest I’d ever run in my entire life. EVER. So this evening I can either focus on failing to run 5K, or going BAT CRAP CRAZY over beating my lifetime record TWO DAYS after setting it! Heck, after walking for 5 minutes, I ran ANOTHER QUARTER MILE before my cool down. I know, that’s a lot of caps, but dog-gonnit I should be proud of myself, not frustrated for the lack-of-5K-ness.

Someday I’ll run a 5K straight. And then a 10K. I even plan to delve into the half and full marathon distance someday. Based on everything I’ve read, however, it will never be as hard as it is RIGHT NOW. Seriously. So self? YOU ARE AMAZING. You just ran 2.1 miles nonstop. You pushed through that spot at a mile and a half when you thought you were going to pass out. You managed to find the “zone” at about 1.75 miles. And it was only one short week ago you managed to run a single mile. That’s incredible progress. And not being able to run a 5K means you haven’t even gotten to the point when running is fun!

Oh, and the “Oatmeal” thing in the subject line? Go buy his book. It’s funny, awesome, inspirational, and more encouraging that he can possibly imagine.

4 thoughts on “Running: A Little Perspective (And Thank You @Oatmeal!)”

  1. I think you’re doing great. And also? You tried to increase your distance by over 33% in one day. Set a more realistic goal for yourself – like running five more minutes each week. It’ll take you longer to get there, but you’ll have so many mini-victories you’ll hardly even notice when you reach that half marathon stage.


  2. You go Shawn! Keep at it and like Janeice65 says take it in time. You’ve got me(and likely some others :P) beat buy a lot.
    I’d seriously be happy walking a 5k all in one day (mostly a time thing).
    I hope that helps if only just a little.

  3. Don’t hurt yourself. You can’t just tack on an extra mile at this stage as if you were tacking on an extra quarter mile lap on the track.

    When you get to 13 miles for your long run, THEN you can tack on an extra mile without thinking about it.

  4. I’m cheering you on and reminding you that tendons and ligaments don’t get stronger overnight. Build slow, build smart. As I heard it said, “Don’t let your engine outrun your chassis”.


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