25 (some)things.

I hate resolutions. I hate when people say they hate resolutions. But, here I am, hating resolutions. I also hate that I gained over 40lbs during 2020. All this hatred has to be redirected…

I didn’t start a resolution on the 1st, because if I miss one day, my OCD punishes me fiercely. So I often start a few days later. Then it’s just a thing I’m doing, and not a resolution for the year. Is it different? According to my broken brain, yes. Lol.

ANYWAY, this year, I partnered with a friend and co-worker to do an exercise accountability thing. He offered to do “something” with me daily (we’re on opposite sides of the country, so “together” means virtually and just encouragement from afar). I didn’t want our “thing” go get boring, so I came up with the idea of “25 Somethings”.

Here’s the gist: Every day, we need to so 25 of something, and message each other when we’ve done it. The 25 things can be anything. 25 pushups, 25 jumping jacks, 25 eye blinks — whatever you have the time and motivation to do. But we have to do 25 of something and then message each other when it’s done.

Yes, we could message each other that we “ate 25 Doritos” — but we’re only hurting ourselves in that case, and it’s honestly a little embarrassing to send a message like that to someone who responds with “ran 25 miles”. So sure, shame plays a part, lol.

Anyway — it’s been really awesome so far. I’m grateful for an accountability partner, and the 25 things has been great for both of us. Some days the 25 things are less awesome than others. For example, I’ve had several “25 jumping jacks” days in a row. That’s kinda lame, but it’s something I can do quickly with limited room. And it’s SOMETHING.

So there you go, if you’re looking for a pretty simple exercise accountability plan, feel free to steal ours. 25 things is simple, flexible, and has been pretty great. Happy New Year!

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