3 thoughts on “Retro Video #6 of 11”

  1. Amanda was adorable 2 years ago. (I’m assuming she still is, but I haven’t seen her more recently.)

    You sir, were out of your mind. NO MEAT?!!?!??! NO MAC AND CHEESE?!!?!???! Was life truly worth living without them?

    And, you may not believe this, but your 5am postings are pushing a little button in the back of my (pea-sized) brain for something I might start in a couple of weeks.

    We’ll see. (It won’t be pretty though, so if anyone starts goading, you’ll only have yourselves to blame.)

  2. Hey Shawn – I have a couple of suggestions for you if you’re going to move more firmly into the world of video blogging.

    First, I’d recommend that you also post a brief text description of the video content, so that you’re giving the viewer a reason to click through and watch it. (Those of us who know you might well do so anyway, but a casual browser would not.)

    Second, if you have time, I’d also suggest a loose text transcript of the video blog for those that for one reason or another don’t have access to the video stream – they’re surfing on a mobile device, they’re at work and can’t watch something with an audio stream, etc. It’s always frustrating for me to see an interesting news article that’s only available via video while I’m at work – I can’t watch it, and I never remember to come back to it at night.

    I don’t know if these are best practices for video blogging, or just crutches for the lazy viewer, but they’d help me. 🙂 Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the tip — for these particular videos, they’re just old, from 2 years ago, so I’m putting them up for archival purposes.

    In the future, I’ll probably have a brief description. A transcript might be a bit much (see, I’m lazy…) — but yeah, these aren’t “standard” by any means.

    Thanks again!


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