Do you lie for fun?

Beyond BalderdashI don’t mean to be conceited, but I’m darn good at Beyond Balderdash. I’m not sure if I should be proud, or ashamed, because the whole premise of the game is that the best liar wins. It is great fun, but what does it say about me?

A few months ago, I thought about purchasing the domain, and filling it FULL of false information, just to see how creative I could be. It turns out that someone recently bought up my brain child domain name, so my chance is gone — but it still sounds like fun.

As things usually do, that got me thinking. I know many students in my district (I’m a Technology Director) consider the Internet a source of unending true facts. When google turns up a result for “what causes the tides”, and my site explaining the “expansion and contraction of underwater continental plates” comes up — there might be some interesting term papers that get submitted.

Why do I laugh at that mental image? Am I a bad person? (Don’t answer that…)

1 thought on “Do you lie for fun?”

  1. I wouldn’t say that Beyond Balderdash is about lying! The reason being because when you have to make up a definition or write what the initials stand for, USUALLY you have no idea. So really it becomes, who is the best guesser, I think. But on the part about the website that you wanted to create. I think that you do have an unusual talent (if that is the word) of being able to sound very intelligent about something that is completely false! It’s amusing yet a little freaky at times. 🙂 I still love you either way!



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