I Hate Resolutions

I do, I really hate “New Year’s Resolutions.” It seem so dumb to pick a single day to set goals. I do have a goal, but it’s important to me that it’s not a dumb old New Year’s Resolution. I don’t know who I’m trying to convince, maybe myself. 😉

E2LI need to lose some weight. I also need to get back off blood pressure medicine, and back into my pants. The only thing that has ever done that for me is the Eat to Live diet. While I’m not planning to really follow the plan in the book, it’s the book that turned me onto vegan eating.

My actual plan of attack is to use Susan Voisin’s webpage and blog to plan my meals with. Susan has an incredible website, and if your health is a concern to you, I URGE you to visit her site.

I may have some more frequent food posts, although I don’t plan to make my blog a food-only blog by any means. I’m too geeky for that. ;o)

Anyway, Happy New Year, and wish me luck on my coincidental resolve to eat better.

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