How great is winter?

Ask me my favorite season, and you’ll get a different answer on any given day.

Fall, especially here in Northern Michigan, is absolutely stunning. The trees put on a show as they pack up for winter that makes the 4th of July fireworks seem pathetic. Summer, while often too hot for my taste, has long, beautiful days full of business and relaxation mingled together. Even if the only good thing summer provides is a reason to make sun tea — that alone is worth it. 🙂 Spring, while often cold and mucky (especially up here), brings promise of new life. The trees come back from their vacation, the seedlings begin to poke through the soil, and the birds are there to pester the squirrels away from their feeders again.

Swingset in the backyardSince we’re in the middle of winter, this is currently my favorite season. If you are too southerly to get snow, boy are you missing out. Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t like the cold — but from the confines of a warm house, the blankets of snow seem wonderfully cozy. Add a fireplace or a wood stove, and you’ve got a recipe for poetry. Add a cup of tea or coffee, and you’ve got a taste of the divine.

And with that, I’ll close. I’m going to put the fire under the tea kettle, and steep some Earl Grey.

3 thoughts on “How great is winter?”

  1. Every time somebody says winter I get really cold I dont like winter that much but I do like hot beverages I liked your blog see ya shawn


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