Oh, Rion.

Orion's BeltWe hustled into the house last night, because the air was so cold it froze together our nose hairs as we breathed. If you’ve ever walked in sub-zero temperature, you know exactly what I mean. 🙂 Before we opened the van door, however, Donna and I briefly gazed up at Orion, and his belt. While I’m usually the star gazer, Donna made my heart flutter a little when she mentioned Orion was her favorite constellation. That fact that she has a favorite constellation is cool, calling it by name is awesome.

As most things usually do, that got me thinking. What do you see when you look up at the stars? Are you amazed at our smallness? Do you find it odd that some of the twinkles are actually from millions of years ago, and some billions? Do you just see big and little dippers?

Whenever I gaze into the heavens, I am in awe. The universe is just that, awe inspiring. I want my kids to look up, and visit distant galaxies, wonder what the pink Orion Nebula smells like, and experience joy and sadness at the sheer immensity of “up.”

When they watch Star Trek, I want them to live vicariously through Captain Piccard and Wesley Crusher. When the space shuttle launches, I want them to think, “WOW!!! Those guys are going to SPACE!!!” I hope they believe interstellar travel is possible, it just hasn’t been invented yet. Never underestimate the power of dreams. Never underestimate the dreams the night sky can produce.

Look up my friend, look up.

5 thoughts on “Oh, Rion.”

  1. Wow shawn hats off that was a really good blog! You make me want to watch science fiction movies. Well looking forward to the next blog!! Good job!!!

  2. Bravo, I love how you wrote this. Makes me think, he he. 😀

    Whenever I look up the at the stars I think about God and his majesticness. I sometimes wonder about the other galaxies out there. I mostly watch for shooting stars, oh how I love shooting stars.

    The Universe is so grand, I love it.

  3. When I look into the night sky, I am overwhelmed by time, distance, size, and possibilities.

    Coincidentally, Orion is Trevor’s (7 y/o) favorite constellation because it was the first one that he learned. I like Leo for the leonids.


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