How sweet she is…

How sweet is my wife you ask? (Ok, you didn’t ask, but I’ll tell you anyway)

I’ve been talking to Donna about writing professionally for quite some time. Ok, more than “quite some time” — it’s been more like the entire 13 years I’ve known her. I always go on about how I’d like to be a writer, how it’s what I wake up thinking about in the morning, and what I go to bed thinking about at night. Yeah, I get pretty melodramatic. Anyway, after reading John Scalzi’s post on becoming a professional (meaning “getting paid”) writer, I ordered my copy of Writer’s Market, and started the rejection process.


So what did Donna do while I skittered off to work yesterday? She set up a corner in our extra room into a writing sanctuary for me. It’s so cute, but more importantly, so supportive and sweet. Here’s a crappy photo of the corner taken with my cell phone. I was too lazy to get the camera, SD card reader, etc, etc.

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