Fork me

Just a quick post about a big annoyance of mine. In the past month, I’ve been to (3) restaurants with the most absurd forks ever forged. (Are forks forged? That awful fancy talk for a lowly fork… anyway…)


Does someone think these pitchforks are actually fancier than a human fork? Was it actually hard to keep track of 4 freakin’ tines? Please people, I’d rather eat with a spork than with one of these ridiculous food pokers.

4 thoughts on “Fork me”

  1. The earliest forks consisted of 3-tines. It was only after the mid 1700’s that 4-tines were introduced. In fact, the fork is the newest of all the utensils – coming into prominence in the 1600’s. Though they were being manufactured in France (in a very different form from today’s fork) prior to this, they were popularized and made common in the English speaking world when the English king of the time learned about them. In that time period, people were expected to bring their own utensils to state dinners.

    Wow….it really sucks that I knew that.

  2. 1) It is really sad you knew that. 🙂

    2) Most of the restaurants I visit are post 1700’s era eateries. Get with the program, people.

    3) I may have to bring my own 4 tine fork with me. I might like being “that guy.”


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