So Tigger got skunked. Yep. Right in the face. When I smelled it, I ran outside to bring him inside, so that he wouldn’t tangle with the skunk I smelled. Too late. When he came running to me, his face was still wet from skunkiness. It was truly disgusting.

So Tigger will be spending the night outdoors, and tomorrow, we’ll be using a bunch of tomato juice on our furry, albeit stinky, buddy.

In a related story, I guess spring is finally here. Snow seems strangely inviting…

3 thoughts on “Skunk!”

  1. At my Bible group Wednesday I was telling them about Tigger. Dean said use Dawn , vinegar and dog shampoo. It is the same thing you discovered. I guess tomatoe juice is out and can be saved for cooking now. dad


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