Harlot Dolls, the Movie.

I used to think The Boy Who Could Fly was the dumbest, most absurd movie I’d ever seen. It was my lowest common denominator for movie quality. There may have been others that were worse — but that one always sticks in my head. Then, I saw a movie preview that shouldn’t be. It just shouldn’t be. Read on:


I have lots of names for the Bratz dolls. Pink Harlots, Little Hoes, Pedophile Playthings (ok, that last one was pretty bad…) Here’s the deal — Bratz dolls with their big eyes and full lips are designed to look sexual. Add their brainless, ditzy personas, and you have a full line of products that should insult any woman worth her intellectual salt.

Am I reading too much into the Bratz phenomenon? I hope so. I just know I don’t want my daughters to consider aesthetic beauty to be king. My hope is that after seeing the movie, I have to retract my comments here. Hopefully the movie will counter some of the image that plagues the Bratz dolls.

I’m not optimistic.

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  1. Completely irrelevant to this post. But as I suspected my housemate already has Fawlty Towers. It was on serverbox, but I didn’t notice until now (1TB of data = lots of tv shows to sort through, even when it’s organized)


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