Tenderheart Bear, Tortured for Information?

I saw this on the kitchen floor as I went to tuck the girls into bed this evening. I was too scared to ask them for any details.


What could Tenderheart have possibly known? He hasn’t been on television since the 80s…

6 thoughts on “Tenderheart Bear, Tortured for Information?”

  1. I should have panned out a bit in the photo. One bungee was attached to a scooter, and the other end by a pair of shoes. It looked like he was being stretched apart by a pair of specialists. 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh! I have been reading your blogs and they are quite good- but this…I laughed out loud and it’s still making me giggle- so glad to know that other parents have these odd things around- so I guess when I came home to find Tenderhearts friend -I believe Sunshine Bear (the yellow one) tied to the back of a tricycle with the dogs collar- we have normal kids – was beginning to worry! Maybe somethings afoot with these so called “Care Bears” huh????


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