Numb3rs, Revealed.

After an overindulgence of melange spice turkey, I had a realization that the numbers were in fact television stations. In our audio/video behemoth system, we have the ability to tune in several cable stations, and rebroadcast them throughout the school. One of the custodians wanted me to switch one of the stations so he could watch basketball or some such thing while he worked. His numbering was slightly off, but I’m certain that’s what the note meant: (UPDATE: The top transceiver is broken, so in fact “6” had to become “27”)


So is the truth less exciting than you’d hoped, or more far fetched than you’d imagined? Either way, feel free to keep eating turkey sandwiches.

3 thoughts on “Numb3rs, Revealed.”

  1. Definitely seemed far-fetched to me. I mean, who would’ve thought of the custodian wanting you to change a tv station? He could’ve left a simpler note. 🙂

  2. I’m going to keep waiting for the final reveal – I mean, there has to be MORE!

    (Forgive me – I’m indulging my self-outside-of self yin/yang – something something….)


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