1 thought on “Heavy.”

  1. Nice!! People think I’m crazy, but I like winter and snow. I usually rely on public transit so I don’t have the annoyances of digging out cars, shovelling driveways at 5am so I can get to work on time. I grab the bus, which is almost always on shedule, even during storms, settle in and enjoy the ride.
    I love walking the dog in the snow. He goes crazy. He just loves it. Isn’t it nice after a big snowfall, to go out, walk around and enjoy the beauty? It’s so fresh and crisp and so quiet & peaceful. I just feel the stress drop away. LOVE IT!! Then come inside and have a hot chocolate & a shortbread – that’s the good life! So, enjoy your snow. All I have is howling wind & nothing to show for it. Yet.


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