Ice, Canoes, and Slight Insanity

The woolen socks itched. Well, I guess that’s not really true. They were rough and scratchy, but weren’t really irritating. At the least, they were a reminder of the rough outdoors, and at the most, they kept my tootsies from freezing and falling off. I’m thankful for both.

Black Friday, instead of braving the stores for deals, I was invited on a winter canoe trip. Sure, it sounds a bit dumb, but really it was beautiful. The men I went with were quite prepared for a turnover, so even if one of us did go over, we’d have little repercussions apart from a great story to tell. The friend that invited me is an incredible paddler, so even that possibility was quite remote.

If you’ve never been on a canoe in the winter, it’s very likely you don’t know how amazing the scenery is either. The warmth of the water makes for the most incredible frost you’ve ever seen. Every blade of grass and twig of tree has a huge, pipe-cleaner like gob of frost clinging to every surface. It’s amazing. If you’ve ever seen snow clinging to trees, and thought it was beautiful — imagine that scene multiplied by 10. It’s breathtakingly beautiful. Words just can’t describe.

Hopefully your Black Friday was as pleasant as mine. But realize, it’d have to be pretty darn good for that to be true. 🙂

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