14 thoughts on “You Guys Never Listen to Me”

  1. No video from me either. But I did get chocolate covered espresso beans for Christmas. They’re geeky ’cause if they fall out of the hole in the top of my coffee cup, the don’t screw up my keyboard. Is that geeky enough for ya.

    Oh, BTW, they’re ChocolateCoveredEspressoBeans v.3.1.2 (how’s that for geek cred?)

  2. Hee! You are too funny, Shawn. My geeky gift is the crepe pan my sister got me. Why is it geeky? Getting a specialized pan just for crepes (a French food, for goodness sake) is a sign of a cooking geek! It’s a nice pan, but I haven’t tried it out yet.
    (Sorry this is the written version, and not a video. I’m just not as brave as you are!)

  3. Yay 5 t-shirts cleanup! 🙂

    I didn’t do it because:
    a) I have no webcam.
    b) I have no gifts.
    c) I’d have to get too creative about having myself represented by a nearby tree.

  4. MWT’s got me hatching plans to put t-shirts on a tree. Or, maybe, I’ll plant the seed, put the t-shirt on a frame above it and send you a time lapse video about 15 years from now.

    **can I have the prize now, though?**

  5. Pardon me Shawn. I suddenly feel the need to badger Jim to post his “Oh Yeah” dance on multiple blogs.

    Vide-o! Vide-o! Vide-o!

  6. Mark,

    Did you see the video above? ;o)

    Here: I give you a semi-colon. “;”

    That’s geeky enough to win a t-shirt. You’re welcome.

    Everyone else,

    I’m sad for you. You’re missing the pleasure of being a narcissistic youtube monkey. Maybe I should convince the Linux Journal publisher to allow LOLPresents, so mere photoshoppery can count. ;o)

  7. As far as giving a geeky gift – I got the family a hotly-contested, hard-to-find Nintendo Wii. It was from Santa. 😉 Pretty fun, on NY eve, we had a Wii bowling tourney.

    And on the receiving end, I’d guess the John Williams “40 Years of Movie Music” cd set probably qualifies me. 🙂

  8. I got AA batteries (to give to the children as needed) and Sharpies (to use at my discretion). How much of a geek am I?

    Hubby and I both got webcams. We don’t know how to use them yet. I can hear him but he can’t hear me.

    If I figure it out, can I have a t-shirt?

    Happy New Year!

  9. While I am not actually the t-shirt distributor, I think it’s fair to say that pretty much any video showcasing anything remotely geeky can get a t-shirt. Until they run out that is. In which case, well, as a lovely parting gift, perhaps I’ll send you some penguin poop. It’s crunchy. 🙂


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