6 thoughts on “Christmas Break?”

  1. Don’t listen ’em, Shawn. Wright’s Law (one of many, which I don’t number for security reasons): There is no, repeat no, technical problem that cannot be solved with the suitable application of high explosives. And man, talk about satisfying…you’ll be grinning your butt off as they drag you away

  2. When you follow Jim’s advice, be sure to post video. We all love watching videos of hardware blowing up. Be sure to hand the camera off to an innocent bystander so we can watch the cops read you your rights.

    Fun stuff.

    Oh, and Happy New Year!

  3. I think my 2 stubborn server installs read Jim’s comment, because they’re miraculously working today. Now I only have 4 days of configuring to do before school starts in a day and a half…

    The explosives have not been ruled out yet. Ironically, just posting that comment will probably get the police department to my office. Bombs and schools tend to draw their attention, and this is a small town — I think they read my blog.

    DISCLAIMER: I already used up all my illegal fireworks, the most dangerous thing I have is a Bic lighter with the butane level all the way to “High”

  4. Almost as satisfying and less likely to draw the attention of the BATF… take the worst computer to the top of the building and throw it off into the parking lot.

    1) After that, the rest of the computers will sense you mean business and straighten up

    2) You can charge admission or even raffle off the opportunity, because really, who hasn’t wanted to throw their computer off the roof before?


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