4 thoughts on “For my Wife”

  1. As I sit here with tissue in my nose and aromatherapy vapor rub doin’ it’s thang, this made me laugh so hard that I coughed for almost a minute and a half… it hurt but it was SO worth it! This was so sweet of you honey! Now the girls are sitting around me talking about who their BFFs are. We have watched this commercial about 15 times, Lydia didn’t get it at first but once she caught on, now they are all talking in acronyms. It’s VERY FUNNY!
    Thanks Babe (as in a cute pet name… not as in the pig 😉

  2. Shawn, we’ve already established that Donna’s a Hot Chick, but now we know for sure that you’re a smart man.

    That commercial makes me chuckle, too. Especially the companion commercial where the grandmother is the one texting up a storm. Hehe.


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