2 Kinds of People

There are 2 kinds of people in the world, those to love Monty Python humor, and those that despise it. I am in the former, with both feet. I’ve watched The Holy Grail so many times I can almost quote the moose credits…


On a similar vein — have you seen Fawlty Towers? Absolutely hilarious, and definitely some of the best television ever produced. You need to see this show, really. It’s available on DVD, so you have no excuse. (Don’t whine about money — this comedy is more important than food I’ll have you know…)

5 thoughts on “2 Kinds of People”

  1. We are big Monty Python fans here. The youngest just got the complete Flying Circus on DVD, he’s a happy man. And the guys can quote verbatim from Holy Grail.

    Personally, my favorite is Life of Brian. The combination of black humor and outrageous subject matter gets me every time.


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