Send Al Gore!!!

We’re having 2 days of thunderstorms here in Michigan. In January. Granted, rain is my favorite weather condition — but really, it’s odd to know that I just put the Christmas tree under the house for storage this past weekend, and today we’re having a thunderstorm. Weird.

On top of that, I think the pressure tank, and possibly pump for our well is going out. Both not good things to have happen, at all. And my brake light went on today in the van. And the van started leaking transmission fluid. And it’s currently our only vehicle.

So far, 2008 is not impressing me.

8 thoughts on “Send Al Gore!!!”

  1. Heh, funnily enough I posted on the Whatever that I started the year with a migraine and it could only get better. Now that I’m not living in a cloud of gas, it actually is. Tinnitus very much dimmed, migraines magically gone! (Now if only I could think of stuff to blog about, I’d be having a great 2008…)

    Hope yours improves too. πŸ™‚

  2. And heh – we woke up with two inches of snow this morning. I keep saying “it does not snow in the Puget Sound area” — but this year, I guess it does.

    Thank goodness (for me) they still had school, although on a two hour delay.


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