11 thoughts on “Robotic Fish Eater”

  1. OMG,

    If I had that thing on my desk and it made any kind of announcement every fifteen minutes, it would be hammer fodder by the third time. And jeez, I’ve always wanted something that could tell me which direction the light is coming from (some of the time). How would I know otherwise? I’ve gotta say, I loved seeing it turn toward its own shadow and saying “Is it there?, Is it?” (OK I made up what he said, but Jeeeeeez).

    If it really worked well I suppose it’d make a good kids toy, especially reading to really young kids.

    Otherwise, Me. Not. Want.

  2. Yeah, it really pulls heart strings with it’s Tuxiness — but I was disappointed it what it would actually do. And I disabled the time announcement in short order.

    I so wanted to love this thing, but it was a let down. Because it was a penguin named Tux that theoretically would sit on my desk and entertain me, I didn’t hate it. I wish it was cooler though. 🙁

  3. That was a great review Shawn. Audio quality and lighting were good the whole way through. You have left me with nothing to gripe about.

    I will wait and see if someone mods Tux into some type of projectile weapon. I would buy one if there were a flamethrower / airsoft gun kit for him.

  4. Right, because before they get out the bugs, we want the thing with GLOWING eyes to be able to shoot flames. “CPU Overload…. FOOOOOSH” …no eyebrows.

  5. Oh come on that would make it even better.

    The wea wea weather in Huston

    CPU Overload Flame thrower attack! DESTROY ALL HUMANS

    The current time is 10:02pm

  6. I’m with Brad. That would definitely make it better — and the review more interesting. 😉

    (Not that the review itself was lacking in anything other than flame-throwing.)

  7. “Who knew buggy programming could be used as a product feature?”

    Microsoft? ;o>


    (Sorry, I’m actually not a Microsoft bashing kinda guy — but I couldn’t resist)


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