Best Search Engine Entry Ever

I just got a hit from the MSN search engine for, “Crafty manipulative people”


UPDATE: I just got one for “cocaine and nail polish remover”

What on earth am I posting to attract such a crowd?!?!

20 thoughts on “Best Search Engine Entry Ever”

  1. I’ve noticed my share of odd search engine results that would bring people to my site. Among the most noteworthy:

    -nylon stocking videos on youtube
    -grippos job openings
    -god wants me dead

    The first one is bizarre. The second is a head scratcher- Grippos are a regional brand of potato chips. The last one is a little emo…

  2. Shawn,

    I went back and looked at the post and comments you linked. I grew up in Jacksonville and every year, the entire family went to the Gator Bowl to see the Florida-Georgia game. My first memory of the “Pee-trough” is from the age of five or six. It’s bad enough to experience the damned thing as an adult, but just imagine meeting it when your head is so much closer to the rim.


  3. As I’ve said elsewhere, the consistently highest search hits I get is Laura San Giacomo Nude.

    I don’t get it. At all. I mentioned her name once, in a post regarding a movie she was in. Never mentioned ‘Nude.’ I get several dozen hits on that phrase each month, with URL’s from California to Australia. Go figure. I find it more than a little weird.

  4. My guess is your site would pop up if they weren’t using the “nude” modifier, but you luckily get the list of their entire search phrase. You’re so blessed. 😉

    Also, I guess I never mentioned my most-common hit, which is still “Incoming Subspace Signal Ringtone” or variations thereof. Made that baby myself, I did…

  5. Last time I tried that one, it didn’t show Stonekettle Station either, but did show my blog post where Jim mentioned that that was his most popular search hit. But that’s okay, because now I’ve mentioned on his blog that I’m starting to see those hits, so he really does have “Laura San Giacomo Nude” on his blog now! And it’ll come here now, too!! The contagion spreads!!! Bwahahah!!!!!

  6. I just checked my stats from last night and I’m happy to report that I’ve had my first two visits based on google searches; one for “Letterman” and one for “Tom Selleck”. Yaaaay, I’ve deceived innocent searchers in Kentucky and Islamabad.

    How cool is that?

  7. Obviously, I need to be mentioning more unclothed celebrities on my blog to get better ratings. Well, I get enough hits off the post I did about Lily Von Shtupp’s song “I’m Tired” in Blazing Saddles to suffice, I suppose.

  8. I only did a search, saw MWT’s blog listed on page 4, but did not click through. Plus, I didn’t see yours (Jim) at all for some reason. Means it was someone else, not me. MWT usually comes from Savannah.


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