Cross Your Fingers For Me

For the next couple days, I’m doing a “trial run” for a part-time permanent gig related to the publishing world. It’s super exciting, slightly overwhelming, and on the short list of careers I would find ideal. Not bad for a Monday. đŸ™‚

Oh, and I didn’t do too bad today with eating. I did horrible with exercise though, in that I did none. Oh well, it’s a processes, not a quick fix.


8 thoughts on “Cross Your Fingers For Me”

  1. I’m glad to see you did well with eating. That’s actually the part that’s been screwing me up! I was able to make it to the gym last night and did 400 calories worth of burning.

    Now, if I could just not eat that much when I get back home from said gym.

    I did make a website if you do want to hold yourself accountable. It’s mostly a journal and blog. If you want, I can give you admin privs and you can write as well. Let me know!

  2. Shawn, good luck! And the official “Shawn Appreciation Society” has been kicked off over at Hot Chicks, if your multitude of readers would like to stop by and leave their favorite “Shawn is Made of Teh Awesome” story.

    Go Shawn!

  3. Thanks for the support everyone! And regarding the SAS? I didn’t even know I won the primaries!!! Click on Janiece’s name to get to her “Hot Chicks” site. Or there’s a link to her blog over there on the right somewhere…


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