To My WordPress Blogging Friends:

Please, if you have the ability, consider installing THIS plugin. It’s that thing I have that notifies you via email when someone comments on a post you’ve commented on.

Since Blogger added the feature, I find myself depending on it in order to follow the location of conversations. If I’ve left you hanging on a thread somewhere, it’s just because I’ve forgotten where the conversation lives! Since I usually only go to everyone’s site from my Google feed reader (via that AWESOME “next unread” bookmarklet feature), I rarely get back to a conversation that doesn’t notify me of updates.

Ok, that’s it. Please return to your normally scheduled weekend. 🙂

6 thoughts on “To My WordPress Blogging Friends:”

  1. Well, I gave it the “F” for effort.

    I’m getting a fatal error, and according to the Word Press site, the error I’m getting has not been resolved.

    And I’m not up to going through over a thousand lines of php to figure out what’s wrong. Not on a Saturday. 🙂


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