Speak, Friend, and Enter

durin.jpgI have many geeky friends. That probably doesn’t surprise anyone. This morning, one of them (I’ll leave his identity concealed, to save face) instant messaged me the link to a site he wanted me to check out. That site was password protected, and with the link, he simply wrote, “Speak friend, and enter.”

Cool. 🙂

So, I proceeded to type “mellon” as the username and password. It didn’t work, so I tried, “Mellon” which didn’t work either. Then I tried, “melon” which is really elvish for “I Love” but could easily been confused. Nope. “Melon”? Nope.

Frustrated, I turned to google, to check my spelling, and I couldn’t find any other spellings. So, defeated, I IM’d him back, “Ok, how did you spell ‘Mellon’ ?”

To which he replied, “What is Mellon?”

I chuckled at myself, typed “friend” as the username and password, and got right in. 🙂 It’s not the first time I’ve been the geekiest person in the room, and I’m sure it won’t be the last…

(Confused? Here ya go.)

18 thoughts on “Speak, Friend, and Enter”

  1. It should come as no surprise that I used to role play on Elendor (www.elendor.net). I played Elladan and Arwen, a long with other non-vital characters. Although I’ve lost most the knowledge of Sindarin, like with my French, (Ou est l’autobus?), I immediately knew what you were trying to do.

    (Note: Seriously trying not to sound like an overly pompous braggart, but when you’re this much of a Tolkien freak, it tends to come out that way…)

    Me= Supa Geek, too! 🙂

    Namarie Mellyn!

  2. Yep, I would have gotten that reference too. But Kate, I didn’t actually learn to speak any amount of elvish – just some of the more memorable pieces from the books. I’ve reread them to tatters.

    So I think come in near Shawn on the LOTR geek-meter – but he beats most of us hands down with his Linuxy accomplishments!

  3. Ok, Nathan. It was a link to an MP3 of Rodrigo Y Gabriela playing “Stairway to Heaven” on an acoustic guitar. I bet you’re disappointed. See, you should have let it remain a mystery. It was much cooler when you thought I was getting links to super secret government spy code and such, no?

    So HA. You have to refriend me. Or I’ll tell.

  4. And here I was trying doorsofdurin.com and west-door.com and west-gate.com and east-gate.com. One of those said I didn’t have authority or something, so I figured I needed the something.html to get in.

    Man was I off the target!

  5. Ok. Raise your hand if you ever taught yourself to write in Elvish runes. Because, well, that’s a useful skill to have, right?

    *looks around hopefully*


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