Valentine’s Gift?

images.jpegSo, if you have a significant other, what are you getting him/her/they/them for Valentine’s day?

DISCLAIMER: If your significant other actually reads my blog, well, that’s pretty cool, but you don’t have to comment on the gift unless it’s already a done deal. As mine is.

Since Amazon will be delivering the gift tomorrow while I’m at work, Donna already knows what she’s getting. See, the gift requires some explanation… This Valentine’s Day, I ordered Donna (5) hot water bottles. That might seem odd, because, well, it is.

Donna has wanted a hot water bottle all winter, and we’ve never seen one in a store. That part of the gift was very sweet, and yes, she was very touched by my remembering. The extra 4 bottles, however, needed the explanation. The simple answer? So she doesn’t have to share HERS!!!

(The expectation is that Mommy’s cool new hot water bottle will be very popular, and Mommy will be guilted into sharing. This way, everyone can use one, and Mommy still gets it all to herself.)

Nothing like breeding greed for the holidays!

16 thoughts on “Valentine’s Gift?”

  1. That is a cool idea, to buy extra.

    No Valentine’s Day gifts here. I don’t much like the holiday, so we skip it.

    And even more frustrating is that I buy flowers on a regular basis, but pretty much won’t be buying any for the next week or two, since prices skyrocket around this time of year.

    Bah humbug.

  2. I suspect that if I got GF any number of hot water bottles (1 – ∞), I’d end up wearing the contents of each and every one of them (with alternating water temps).

    You and the wife were definitely made for each other. 😛

  3. This afternoon I met with someone whom I suspect is an intellignce officer for a relatively friendly country as part of an ongoing effort / gift for my wife. He may be able to help me find some people who have been missing since 1949.

    Not exactly Valentine’s, but if I pull it off, I will probably be forgiven if I blow off Valentine’s for the rest of my life. 😉

  4. Nathan:
    It’s funny, I almost bought fancy soaps from your GF for my wifey-poo, but then realized that I’d be purchasing something that might suggest she smelled bad. Not only isn’t that the case, but I certainly didn’t want to be the husband that could be accused of suggesting it.

    Even (5) soaps wouldn’t get me out of that bind.

    (also, while Donna wouldn’t really think I was insinuating she smelled bad, she would tease me about it incessantly. We truly were made for each other!)

  5. I’m hoping to give my husband a returning Jeopardy! champion for Valentine’s day. However, I didn’t get to play today, so I’ll be playing tomorrow. And then I can’t tell you guys what happened until the air date. But, that’s what I’m hoping to do for John for the evil of Valentine’s day.

  6. Valentines Day is for losers.

    Okay, lucky losers.

    Trying not to sound overly emo, but yesterday, I saw an older couple in their 60’s walking arm around shoulder to their car at the supermarket.

    Suddenly, I had wished that I could celebrate the holiday that when I had someone, I shunned.

    Oh well.

    I’m going to go grump in the corner. 🙂

    (and good luck Tania!)

  7. The family and I are going to Vegas this long weekend, so the hub and I will have a night out on the town after we get there for V-day. We don’t usually exchange gifts, just cards.


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