Force Fed Comments

My apologies, when I updated the theme on my site, apparently it didn’t mingle well with the “subscribe to comments” plugin. Everyone was AUTOMATICALLY subscribed whether they wanted it or not. Eiw.

I think it’s straightened out now. Please test it for me, ie, leave a comment and don’t check the box. Hopefully you WON’T get notified when someone else comments…

Sorry again, hopefully it’s fixed.

13 thoughts on “Force Fed Comments”

  1. Licensed Professional on a closed course. Do NOT try this at home!

    Even us professionalish kinda guys get bit by hardware and software sometimes. Devilish machines… πŸ™‚

  2. I’m just sad because you are now on the BANNED list for our work nannyware. πŸ™ So I can read the RSS feed, but can’t really participate until after work. Evil overlords. hmmph.


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