sm58.pngI’ve toyed on and off with the idea of a podcast. I’ve decided to go ahead with the plan, and I’m going to try doing a weekly deal. The bad news is that I’m not exactly sure how the format will go. It might change. It might flop. (The last is actually a significant possibility)

The good news is that Kate Baker agreed to do the intro for me, so at least the first bit should be tolerable to hear. πŸ™‚

I’ll keep you posted, because I’m sure you’re all just waiting at the edge of your seats.

17 thoughts on “Podcasting”

  1. I think Michelle was a nurse in a previous life! πŸ™‚

    Her caring is indicative of what I wanted to say when I read your post. Don’t worry about the format, or changes, not sounding right at first. We’re your friends. We just want you to do what’s good for you. And we’ll offer constructive criticism given with love.

    But based on previous offerings, I’d say you have nothing to worry about.

    And thanks for stopping by the back fence. But what the heck were you doing up so early?

  2. Not that I’m trying on purpose to hijack this thread…

    Shawn, even though I don’t want to receive e-mail updates, and deselected the option, my mailbox is now being inundated with messages that someone has posted here.

    This makes me sad.

  3. Michelle,

    In the email you get, there should be a link that you can use to manage your “subscriptions” to posts on my site.

    If it won’t work, just email me — I’ll delete your subscriptions for you.

    (Please let me know if it doesn’t work, because I don’t want my site to be a pain in the arse for that reason.)

    Oh, and thanks for the medicine nudge. πŸ˜‰

  4. I think a podcast would be a good idea. If nothing else you will gain 2 public speaking points on your stat sheet.

    Oh and thanks Michelle, I put my pills on top of my Splenda and amazingly I remember to take them now. I never forget about coffee sweetener so now I never forget about pills either.

  5. Shawn,

    Can you think of any reason why, even if I double check to make sure don’t send me e-mail is selected, I’m added anyway?

    I can always select the “NEVER CONTACT ME EVER EVER EVER!” option, but that seemed a little harsh.

    Also? Yay on the medicine!

  6. I’ll post on this later guys — sorry, crazy day…

    (The short version is that I think your browser remembers if you’ve checked that box before, and “conveniently” checks it for you whenever you comment…)

  7. No, that’s not it, because 1) I’ve never checked the box, and 2) I specifically make sure it’s unchecked before I submit. But as soon as I submit a comment–WHAM! More e-mail.

    I mean, like I said, I can just tell the program to rudely never send me anything. That just seems so… drastic.

    Also, it didn’t do this before the upgrade. If that helps.


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