11 thoughts on “Header Graphic”

  1. OH, and I hadn’t thought about the V.M. Smith connection. Maybe that’s true on some subconscious level though. 🙂

    (Lovin’ the book, BTW. I’m struggling for time to read lately, but thankfully books are patient entertainers…)

  2. Argh (sound of disgust, not a pirate noise)!

    I always thought I’d be seeing that sunset with my own eyes. Can’t believe we’re not there yet. Stupid robots (Ok, I think they’re cool enough, but I wish it was me up there, not some damned toaster).

    Which is the long way around of saying: Nice, I like the redesign.

  3. Heh. Seeing a desolate (if very pretty) scene behind the words “Shawn’s Brain” seems to be saying something about the… spaciousness inside Shawn’s Brain. Is there an echo? (Just kidding — I really couldn’t resist the juxtaposition between those two elements!)

    It really is a beautiful scene. And Jim’s right — it totally sucks that we’re not up there yet.

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