I’ve wanted a pair of Converse All-Stars my entire life. When I was younger, they were out of our price range, and then when I got to the point that I could afford them, I sorta forgot about my desire.

Then, I saw a pair at the shoe store when I was replacing my 7 year old sneakers. I instantly fell in love, and bought them, not caring what anybody else in the world thought. Can a 32 year old man wear shoes like this and not look foolish? Uh, well, since it’s me we’re talking about, foolishness isn’t really on my no-no list, so it didn’t matter. As it turns out, however, everybody seems to love them.

Oh, and I always assumed they’d be terribly uncomfortable, since they have no arch support, or fancy new-age design. I was sooooo wrong. These shoes are amazingly comfortable. More comfortable than any shoes I’ve ever owned. Ever. They really are amazing, and I can’t picture a time in my future I won’t own a pair. 🙂

My Chucks!

My Chuck Taylor, Converse All-Stars. These are the coolest shoes on the planet. I just thought you should know. 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Chucks!”

  1. Yay! I love Chucks! We used to buy white pairs and dye them funky colors. Back in the 80s… Ah, the memories.

    Congrats on the shoes.

  2. I don’t currently own any Chucks. For about ten years starting in 1982, they were all that I did own. (Black for formal occasions.) At one point I had pretty much every color they made.

    They are absolutely comfortable and give absolutely no support.

    I tell you this so you might exercise greater self-control than I did. The minute you post about your second pair, I’m calling you on the phone and asking why you haven’t picked up your pizza.

    Don’t make me do that.

  3. I think the amount of flak I would get for having “several shoes” from the Missus will negate the multi-Chuck likelihood. I often razz her about having so many shoes…

    I have to reiterate that I can’t believe how comfortable these things are. Really. I have no explanation for it. It’s great.

  4. My eldest has a pair of Chucks he loves, B&W like yours. Somehow they look… odd… in his size 14, so long and narrow they’re distorted.

    I have never tried them, I don’t have patience for hightops, but I have a pair of slip-on (floral-print!) Keds that are like wearing comfy bedroom slippers out in public.

  5. Hmmmm. I have a weird aversion to the style, perhaps because they were “uncool” when I was in school. Not that I was really ever that “cool,” but I seem to remember the kids who had them being beaten up, so that’s probably what’s left me scarred.

    Glad you achieved your dream; what life goal will you be tackling next? I’ve always wanted to get my advanced underwater basket weaving certification…

  6. I have a pair of low-tops, and, although they are as hipster-fabulous as can be, they make my back hurt if I wear them for long periods of time. Bummer, right?

    I do better with VANS — they must be squishier or something.

  7. My life goal was to have a housekeeper. We do have someone come in once a week to clean. Now that I’ve reached the goal, it’s all downhill from here.

  8. Yeah, I’ve noticed that about goals. I’ve reached mine (get paid helping other people with their fascinating science projects). Where am I supposed to go from here?

  9. My fridge goal has served me well for decades now… I guess all that is left to do is to set another goal. Pie in the sky type thing, like, for me, buy a new car someday. 🙂

    But first, that refrigerator…

  10. Here in Brooklyn, we dump all of our change into a bowl at the end of every day and it adds up to a lot. Last year our change bought us a super-fridge. This year we’re hoping to have enough for the ginormous HD flat-screen TV that we need to upgrade to.


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