Sophie from Shinola, Part 2

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Link to Sophie from Shinola, Part 1 (The story starts halfway down the page)

Sophie from Shinola, Part 2:

Objectively, Sophie knew that the real SpaceForce wasn’t all adventure and excitement, but compared to Chenolla VI, anything had to be an improvement. “Jeez”, she thought, “What’s taking so long?”

It was easy enough to take this little girl’s body over, but over the past few months, the Trageth officer had begun to sympathize with her “family” on Chenolla VI. Why aren’t these idiots preparing for the battle? Yes, the Space Force is powerful, but they can’t defend all the human planets at once. When the sterilization fleet comes to this planet, the best defense the humans will have is fishing poles!

All the preparations were made in the beryllium mine, and the accelerated decay was already spewing beryllium ions into subspace, signaling the start of the first wave. If Sophie didn’t get accepted into the Space Force, and off this planet, she would die with all the stupid fishermen.

“Why are they making us wait, Mom?” Sophie muttered, nervously.

“They’re warming up the brain remover, dear.” Said her mother, as she casually flipped a page in her magazine.

Sophie panicked, and almost suicidally released the real Sophie to avoid the torture herself. After a moment, however, she realized the mother was playing the human lying game. Some humans lied like this more than others, but Sophie’s mother was particularly evil. The past few months had taught her how to deal with situations like this, but with her current stress regarding the interview, she momentarily slipped. Thankfully, the mother hadn’t noticed.

“Shut up, Mom, they already removed my brain in school.”

“Nice, Soph. Nice.” her mother chuckled.

It was reasons like that which required the humans to be destroyed. They lied to their own nestlings! How could they ever be trusted as allies? Sophie was even more determined to get accepted into the Space Force and help destroy these evil creatures. They’re so seductive! So many times I’ve wanted to suggest a peace negotiation, and then they lie for nothing more than evil pleasure!

“Mom, what are you and Dad going to do when I go off to the Space Force?” Sophie asked.

“Oh, I think we’ll be fine, dear. The one I’m really worried about is Blink. Are you sure you don’t want him to stay here? No one is really sure if they can survive off planet, and you might not see him for months.”

Sophie from Shinola, Part 3, written by MWT.
Sophie from Shinola, Part 4, written by Eric
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21 thoughts on “Sophie from Shinola, Part 2”

  1. No fair telling anybody else what they have to do. Hey, you took a perfectly good 11-year-old space girl and made here into a humanity destroying alien monster.

  2. Good job there Shawn….I think you captured the mind of a tween aged girl perfectly…and I do think that most of them ARE pod people/aliens to begin with….

  3. Not so fast Michelle. By the time this gets around to you, Sophie’s probably going to be a 50 year old dwarf prostitute in a 1750’s Paris brothel.

    Take that! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

  4. Heck, I was thinking of changing spaceforce academy to beauty school. 😉

    Shawn, this is great! Good job with creating a believable POV shift, and laying down some loose ends that other writers can pick up on.

  5. Oh, you all think Shawn turned an eleven-year-old girl into an alien-destroying monster. Interestingly, a line that Shawn tossed off inadvertently plays into a somewhat ghoulish idea I had. As if the Brain Of Shawn were reading the mind of the little man standing on the shoulders of giant midgets. Still, I might protest, I didn’t make her into a “monster.” Monsters are usually alive.

  6. Except Dracula, of course. Or zombies. Or ghosts. Okay, and maybe you could argue about Frankenstein. Never mind, I posted before I’d thought it through. I do that sometimes. Dammit. ARRRGH!

  7. Eric, it depends on how you define “life.” Ghosts aren’t alive. Vampires, I’d argue yes, just a different kind of life. Frankenstein? Sure he’s alive. Unless he’s the Edgar Winter Group’s 1973 #1 single.

  8. I don’t know why exactly but this reminds me of a series of books you used to love before you lost your memory. A leper who involuntarily goes back and forth from reality to a world of magic.'s_Bane

    You used to like it a lot but I could never get into it myself.

    I like the blog writing. Like the biggest choose your own adventure book in the world.


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