8 thoughts on “Linux Journal Shifts Focus”

  1. Naah, you have to be a geek to appreciate these!

    I don’t know which one I want more – the lock or the converter.

    I love the fire in the background on your video, it made me snort.

  2. Thank goodness I can get up to date information about the Bank of Scotland. Thats the BOS your talking about right? Oh and the fireplace is a nice touch.

  3. I think this was an excellent decision on your part: there are already far too many websites jumping on the eComStation (née OS/2) bandwagon, and I would have been disappointed if y’all had joined that parade.

    Incidentally, I guess now is the place to mention that I may be delayed when it comes my turn again to contribute to “Sophie From Shinola,” since I’ll be completely reformatting my hard drive to install BeOS this week so that BeJournal can continue to be a vital source of up-to-the-minute information about my OS of choice. The biggest delay will probably be writing down all of my user data on legal pads and typing it into the new system: I really don’t trust backup utilities. (Not since that time I wasted a bunch of money on an archiving program that proved to be a total piece of crap: I formatted my machine, installed a new OS, installed the archiver according to the user manual–and then the stupid program wouldn’t read any of my old directories! Oh sure, it read the new directory structure just fine, but it wouldn’t back up any of my old data at all! A stupid ripoff is all it was, and Best Buy refused to give me my money back because the package had been opened!)


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